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Private Tutoring Services
Montreal, Laval and North Shore

Enrollment is possible every day all year long!

Private Tutoring

(Most popular)

This is the most effective way for students to learn, understand, increase confidence, accelerate, and improve grades in school. The teacher will be fully devoted to reviewing the essential material and providing students with the most important information they need to pass their tests.


Small Group Tutoring

Many students prefer our tutoring classes because our groups consist of 2-3 students. Students are grouped based on their subject and level. 

We provide students with a variety of exercises and different techniques based their learning style and preferences. 

Homework Help

Most of the time students come to our center because they need help with their homework or because they have difficulty concentrating in class. For this reason, our teachers understand students' needs and demands. During this tutoring session, students will be able to ask questions, review the material and practice to speed up their learning and regain what they missed in school

Exam Preparation

This is the best time for students to sit down with our teachers to practice the material that needs to be covered in the test, ask questions, check their understanding and review the essential study points to be fully prepared for their tests. 

Summer School

Summer has always been the focus of study. Some students enjoy studying more in the summer than other times of the year. Our teachers work hard with their students by giving them the opportunity and plenty of time to review and understand what they have missed throughout the school year. Our summer tutoring programs are short, fun and thrilling. Students enjoy learning while the days are long and the sun is shining. 

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