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Meet Our Team

Our individualized and customized approach have helped students from kindergarten through college level students to score higher on their tests.




Because I am very creative, I use different activities and motivating methods in order to enhance my teaching environment.

What really keeps me going is my passion for teaching my lovable students and learning from every unique individual in my class!

I use my expertise, professional experience, and my communicative approach throughout my classes to offer you the best teaching method. I have also designed a special English program for non-native speakers to help you communicate clearly and sufficiently in English.

I graduated from McGill University in Inclusive Education. I have also graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a second language. In addition, I have done my Master degree in Adult Education at Brock University in Ontario. I have been teaching English to adults and children for more than 17 years and I still love and enjoy my teaching experience.

I have worked in different school boards and community centers and taught English to elementary, secondary, and French-speaking adults in different school settings.

Jane Brady

Une Enseignante Certifiée



My name is Jane Brady. I am the English teacher. I have been teaching English as a second language for the last 15 years.  My students have exceeded my expectations.  I am a very devoted teacher language who teaches the fundamentals of English which are reading, writing, grammar, and the most important aspect of English which is "conversation". I focus on the needs of my students and make sure that all my students understand everything very clearly. and sufficiently.  

I love my students and I love what I am doing. Teaching in not only a job but a great challenging passion.


Une Enseignante Certifiée



Je m’appelle Ferroudja et je suis étudiante universitaire. Je fais du tutorat en mathématique et en français depuis 2014 pour les niveaux primaires et secondaires. J’ai à cœur la réussite des enfants et je ferais de mon mieux pour les aider à surmonter les difficultés qu’ils peuvent rencontrer. Mes méthodes de travail et mon dynamisme permettront à votre enfant d’acquérir les connaissances nécessaires pour réussir leur scolarité.

Une Enseignante Certifiée


Hello, my name is Maria! I am a certified teacher with a background in Early Childhood Education. I have a wide range of experiences in working with students, of various ages, and at different levels. Having grown up in Toronto, English was, and still is, my first language. I am excited to help my students learn a new language or improve their English! 

Une Enseignante Certifiée



My name is Elham and I teach English to children and adults. I believe that teaching students through a communicative approach helps them engage in real communicative settings more effectively.  Students’ learning takes place by doing activities such as games, role plays, group discussion, and problem-solving tasks. I encourage my students to share their life experience in an authentic learning environment. I give them an opportunity to interact and share their ideas orally and encourage them to speak English accurately and fluently with ease and confidence in my class.

Une Enseignante Certifiée


Mon nom c'est Zakaria, je suis étudiant universitaire en programme d'enseignement secondaire en mathématiques. Je donne des cours dans les trois matières : maths, chimie et physique . Ça fait 6 ans que je fais du tutorat privé au niveau secondaire, j'aide les enfants à surmonter leurs difficultés à l'école pour un bon apprentissage dans les trois matières​.

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