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“ I wanted to improve my English speaking skills in order to speak fluently in my professional and personal life. Sara has worked so hard with me through specific exercises to help me overcome the English language barriers. Because Sara is very skilled and experienced in teaching English to French Quebecers, she was able to target my weaknesses in English by using her unique program which is designed especially for non-native speakers. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher because I have achieved my goal through her magic teaching approach.

Eric 33 years from Montreal, QC

“My daughter Melina was lucky to have Sara as a teacher. She has been teaching my daughter for four years. I can assure you that Sara is a talented, energetic, and hardworking teacher. My daughter was very uncomfortable speaking English in her school, so Sara has helped her to boost her confidence in English. She was able to break her language barriers by using her professional approach towards Melina. I strongly recommend her!.”


Martine 37 years from Blainville, QC


"Sara is practically a very competent English teacher. She really cares about her students and she teaches from the deepest core of her heart. Her teaching method is completely different from the regular teaching style in normal schools, and her approach is a lot more effective and pleasant. Try her, and you will never be disappointed!" 

— Karin 25 years from Terrebonne, QC

"Her sense of humor, professional skills, and teaching method made my learning experience very enthusiastic and challenging. I really recommend her!"


—Sergio 44 years from Montreal, Quebec


"I started to take intensive English classes with Sara two years ago. After one year, I noticed that my English has improved a lot. I honestly believe that Sara is a professional teacher with a lot of experience and a great and easy teaching method. She bases her English classes on conversation about different topics and offers a flexible schedule. Today, I am able to speak English very well, and that's because of her. Sara wins the Gold Medal! I really recommend you Sara if you want to strengthen you English fluency".                                                                                              

Thuylan 40 years old from Laval, QC

"Sara's English courses are very enriched, rewarding, friendly and professional. Sara is an adorable teacher who adapts to the needs of her students. The success and commitment are values that seem to come from her heart. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I recommend her to anyone that is motivated to enrich his English. Try her classes and you will never regret!''


— Jessica 24 years from Laval, QC


"Since two years my granddaughter Lana has been taking English courses with Sara. Her skills, patience, and her desire towards the success of her students make her knowledge about her teaching field, both speaking and writing, very successful for our children. My granddaughter really enjoys Sara's English courses. She even begged us to continue her English class, despite the fact that we have moved far to the North, and we accepted her request with pleasure."

— Lyse 55 years from Laval, QC


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