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Notre Équipes

Notre approche individualisée et personnalisée a aidé les élèves de la maternelle à l'université à obtenir des notes plus élevées lors de leurs tests


Sara, Une Enseignante Certifiée

Bonjour et bienvenu à mon cours d’anglais privé!

Je suis une professeure graduée du programme « Inclusive Education » (éducation specialisé) de l’Université de McGill. J’ai aussi poursuivi mes études et graduée de l’Université de Concordia en tant que professeure d’anglais langue seconde. Quelques années plus tard. J'ai poursuivi une metrise en Education des Adultes à l’Université de Brock à Ontario. Cela fait maintenant 20 ans que j’enseigne. J’ai travaillé avec des adultes et des enfants de tous les âges au fil des années, et j’apprécie et aime toujours l’enseignement et toute l’expérience qui l’entoure.

J’ai eu la chance de fréquenter de nombreuses commission scolaires et centres communautaires, et enseigné l’anglais à des élèves francophones du primaire et secondaire, ainsi que des adultes.

Parce que je suis très créative, j’utilise différent matériel et méthode de motivation afin d’enrichir mon environnement d’apprentissage.

Ce qui me permet de continuer à faire ce que je fais à tous les jours est la passion que j’ai pour enseigner à mes adorables étudiants, et aussi le fait que j’en apprends toujours davantage au fil du temps sur chacun de mes étudiants, en tissant des liens.

Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus à mon cours!

Direction: Sara Arnaout

Une Enseignante Certifiée



Hello, my name is Summiya. I am studying Psychology of Education at Concordia University. My philosophy in life is to share my knowledge in order to help people overcome their struggles. Hence, as a teacher, I want to provide all kinds of tools and skills to help my students overcome their academic difficulties. Since learning is an active process, my approach in teaching is based on interaction and communication which allows myself and the learners to see things from multiple perspectives. Overall, I hope my students are as thrilled to learn as I am to teach! 

Lucian, Une Enseignante Certifiée


Hello and welcome to English with Lucie 😊


I am a recent 2018 graduate from Concordia University with mention of distinction in Bachelors of Education: Specialization of English as a Second Language. I began teaching at the high school level as of September 2018 at College Laval. This year, I have the privilege to teach younger adolescents in secondary 1. I have worked with young children in the past as a ballet instructor and as a Kumon instructor. I have tutored in French and in English in after school programs and as a private tutor.

Through my internships and numerous substituting experiences,  I have taught across all levels and enjoy them all equally. I have worked mostly with students from francophone backgrounds, but have encountered students from various ethnic backgrounds as well.

I am a teacher who steps away from the traditional lecture-type lessons and enjoys incorporating games, authentic texts and having genuine conversations. In my lessons, we talk A LOT!  I believe this is why my students enjoy actively participating and getting involved. I always find ways to get them curious and eager to learn more. In a positive environment, learning a new language will be fun!


Sarah, Une Enseignante Certifiée

Hello, I am Sarah. I am a certified ESL teacher with years of experience. I graduated with honours specializing in English Literature, History, and Professional Writing. I hope to be able to inspire my students to enjoy learning English as a second language and to help them reach their intrinsic and extrinsic English goals. When it comes to speaking English, I believe in a descriptive approach to language learning. However, I am more prescriptive when it comes to the written English.

Centres Communautaires
Keithia, Linguistic Journey




My name is Keithia Ladouceur. I graduated in 2016 from the Teaching English as a Second Language program from McGill University. I was blessed with many life changing opportunities, such as studying in South Korea, completing an internship in Hong Kong and teaching in Japan for three years. Languages are my passion! I can speak six languages and I have just started to learn a new language and that would be my seventh language. I believe languages can help us understand more about the world and about ourselves. I am excited to be a part of your linguistic journey!

Cynthia Rico


Hello, my name is Cynthia Rico. I studied art education at Concordia University. Teaching students how to produce an aesthetically pleasing piece was partially my focus. My main focus was on teaching students how they can use art to communicate an idea. Art and language share a similarity; they are both forms of communication. As a child, I found myself running away from unfamiliar languages out of fear. With age, I realized that language is something beautiful to embrace. It allows people to gather, commute, and to exchange new ideas. I want to teach students English so they have the skills to share their voices with others. The simple sharing of dialogue is a truly enriching experience.

Une Enseignante Certifiée


Hello, my name is Kim. I am from the United States and my native language is English. I finished my studies in Early Childhood Education at Bob Jones University in Greenville South Carolina. I have enjoyed working and teaching children for over 25 years. I have also taught private and semi-private English classes. I enjoy teaching. It is a passion of mine. I love helping children develop their skills in English. It is a joy to watch them as they learn and I am excited to be a part of their journey of learning a second language. 

 Have a great day. 

Alex, Une Enseignante Certifiée


My name is Alexandra and I'm from Montreal, Canada.  I'm a teacher with 10+ years of ESL teaching experience with learners of various ages.  Fluent in several languages, I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish and in German (double major) and a TESOL certificate with 120 hours of experience.  

My passion for travel, language and culture led me to gain incredibly valuable and extensive teaching experience with students from a multitude of backgrounds. I had an amazing journey teaching ESL for twelve years in South Korea where I learned to earnestly dedicate my time in order to create a supportive and communicative classroom.  My role as an ESL educator is to be an approachable individual who is mindful of cultural differences.I strive to create successful lessons that are stimulating, fun, challenging and authentic while remaining sensitive to student’s individual needs. 


Mrs. Ilham Kardan


Je m’appelle Ilham et je suis la professeure d'anglais langue seconde.

Hi my name is Ilham and I am the English teacher. I teach English as a seconde language to children of all ages. I teache children and adults as well.


Jessica, Une Enseignante Certifiée

Hello, My name is Jessica Serio. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Education Program in Educational Psychology at McGill University. My desire to help, understand, and treat developmental, cognitive, social, and emotional issues, has lead me to choose an education in the field of educational psychology. My experience working at tutoring centers has helped me realize my desire to work with children. My main objective is to help students become eager, independent self-learners. Pursuing that potential can be attained through the systematic implementation of individualized education. My goal is to help students develop stronger academic abilities while providing them with the joyful experience of encountering new material and making progress on their own. My experience working as an applied behavioral therapist has given me the ability to use early-intervention services to promote functional independence. I have worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, phonological disorders, and language impairments. During my therapy sessions, I use principles of learning theory, reinforcement, and punishment in order to promote positive learning behaviors. Moreover, my position in Dr. Helena Osana’s Mathematics Teaching and Learning Lab (MTLL) at Concordia University, has allowed me to conduct research on how children think and learn about mathematics. I have examined students understanding of mathematical representations, including conceptual drawings and mathematical notation while using concrete objects such as manipulatives. The overall framework of my research incorporates studies of children’s symbolization, comparative reasoning, and the relationship between explicit and implicit knowledge. The underlying goal is to help encourage the development of suitable teaching strategies that foster children's learning in mathematics. My ambition combined with my enthusiasm for how the human mind functions has lead me toward an education in the field of educational psychology. I hope to one day complete my graduate degree and earn my doctorate in order to help students of all ages and learning abilities alike.


Une Enseignante Certifiée

Bonjour à tous,
Je m'appelle Ahmad. J'enseigne les mathématiques et la chimie depuis plus de 25 ans. 
Je suis un facilitateur qui a une grande passion pour motiver, développer et renforcer les faiblesses de mes étudiants. Tout au long de mon enseignement, je me concentre principalement sur les besoins et les exigences des élèves.
L'éducation ne consiste pas à apprendre des faits, mais à entraîner l'esprit à apprendre.
Un bon enseignant explique mais un enseignant efficace inspire et c'est ce qui fait la différence entre un bon et un enseignant efficace.
Ma philosophie en matière d'enseignement est de rendre l'enseignement inspirant, motivant et agréable afin que les étudiants réussissent et brisent leurs barrières d'apprentissage.
Je suis bilingue et je peux enseigner en anglais et en français. 
Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès !

Hello everyone,
My name is Ahmad. I have been teaching Mathematics and Chemistry for over 25 years. 
I am a facilitator that has a great passion to motivate, develop and strengthen my students' weaknesses. Throughout my teaching, I focus mainly on students' needs and requirements.
Education is not about learning facts; it is about training the mind to learn.
A good teacher explains but an effective teacher inspires and this what makes the difference between a good and an effective teacher.
My philosophy in teaching is to make teaching inspiring, motivating and enjoyable in order for the students to succeed and break their learning barriers.
I am bilingual and I can teach in English and in French. 
Wish you all the best!



Mon nom est Zak et je suis le professeur de mathématiques. Je suis titulaire d'un baccalauréat en mathématiques de l'Université de l'UQAM.
J'enseigne les mathématiques depuis plus de 10 ans. Ce que j'aime dans mon travail, c'est quand je mets mes élèves au défi et quand ils apprennent et brisent les barrières de difficulté dans ma classe. Mon travail ne consiste pas seulement à expliquer les mathématiques, mais aussi à aider mes élèves à avoir confiance en eux. 

My name is Zak and I am the math teacher. I have a bachelor degree in mathematics from UQAM University.
I have been teaching mathematics for over 10 years. What I love about my job is when I challenge my students and when they learn and break the difficulty barriers in my class. My job is not only to explain math but help my students have self confidence in themselves. 


Amel Ba

Mon nom est Amel Ba et je suis le professeur de mathématiques, physique et  chimie. J'enseigne aux niveaux de priamire, secondaire et cegep.

My name is Amel Ba and I am the math teacher. I teach Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. I teach  elementary, secondary and college levels.


Meagan Greco

Hi all, my name is Meagan and I have just graduated with a Bachelor in Kindergarten and Elementary Education from McGill University. I have worked as a tutor in English and Math for a few years, and have worked at Kumon and a Montessori daycare well. I am currently substitute teaching and working at a private school in addition to what I do here at lovely Sara’s. I love teaching and one of the important aspects for me is connecting with my students, building relationships, and making the learning relevant to them and their interests as well as their everyday lives. I am a native English speaker and I enjoy teaching the subject and making the learning fun!


Nader Zarif


Bonjour, je m'appelle Nader,

Je suis le professeur de physique et de mathématiques. J'enseigne actuellement la physique et l'électricité à l'université de Polytechnique à Montréal.

J'enseigne la physique et les mathématiques depuis plus de 15 ans.

Ma passion est l'enseignement et ce que j'aime dans mon travail, c'est lorsque je mets mes étudiants au défi pendant nos cours. 

Hi my name is Nader,

I am a math and physics teacher. I am currently teaching physics and electricity at the university of Polytechnique in Montreal.

I have been teaching physics and math for over 15 years.

My passion is teaching and the thing I love about my job is when I challenge my students during our course session. 

carine (2).jpg

Carine Karkouti



My name is Carine and I am the English teacher. I teach elementary and secondary  levels.

Julianna Theo.jpg

Julianna Theodoropoulos 

Mon nom est Julianna et je suis le professeur d'anglais. J'enseigne Anglais langue seconde aux niveaux de priamire, secondaire et cegep.

My name is Julianna and I am the English teacher. I teach English to  elementary, secondary and college levels. I pretty much can teach all levels.


Gabriella Trimarco

Mon nom est Gabriella et je suis le professeur d'anglais. J'enseigne Anglais langue seconde aux niveaux de priamire, secondaire et cegep.

My name is Gabriella and I am the English teacher. I teach English to  elementary, secondary and college levels. 

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